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San Cataldo San Cataldo San Cataldo

NEWS 2016: THIS YEAR WE INTRODUCE THE ARTIST PAINTERS PAGE. Please return for details || SEND US A TIP ABOUT YOUR CONCERT || AVE MARIA is one of the most popular songs in the world. However, there are over 3000 Ave Maria compositions, music honoring Maria and presented in concerts globally and virtually. Ave Maria Concert Festivals premiered in 2011 at Cathedral San Cataldo, Italy. || CHRISTMAS CONCERTS: December 23rd is the suggested date for celebrating Maria with music tributes // VATICAN STATE BIRTHDAY: April 21st is the official birthday of the Vatican State // MARIA'S MONTH: In Italy the month of May is the month of Maria. // COMPOSERS PRESENTED: Arcadelt, Cadsawan, Faure, MacIntyre, Moe, Palestrina, Schubert, Skipper, Rachmaninoff, Verdi, Wilson, and many more // GIORNALE/STAMPA ITALIA: "AVE MARIA CONCERT FESTIVAL - UN SUCCESSO DI ARTISTI E DI PUBBLICO NELLE SUGGESTIVA CHIESA MATRICE // Send us info about your concert: tips.avemaria(a)gmail.com

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Join Us > 4000+ songs


A >>>

Abela, Abelardo, Abt, Alen, Alvarez, Angulo, etc.

B >>>

Bahr, Bailey, Ball, Baumann, Beliczsay, Benoit, Busto, etc.

C >>>

Cagnone, Calegari, Castelli, Chapman, Chaudoir, Chlondowski, Cimatti, Colebault, Cuypers, Czerny, etc.

D >>>

Dabrowski, Danks, Daetwiler, Desprez, Dinelli, Dona, Donizetti, Dubois, Durand, etc.

E >>>

Easton, Edwards, Eisen, Erickson, Eslam, Eyman, etc.

F >>>

Fabre, Falcone, Faure, Federman, Ferretti, Fiocco, Foerster, Franceschini, Franci, Fux, etc.

G >>>

Gabbrielli, Gabrieli, Gainsbourg, Gaisne, Garcia, Giner, Giordani, Gombert, Gruber, Guilmant, etc.

H >>>

Haagh, Hajduk, Halevy, Hauptmann, Haydn, Head, Hooge, Hoppe, Huber, Hyllested, etc.

I >>>

Ibanez, Iglesias, Irsay, Iruarrizaga, Izon, etc.

J >>>

Jackson Jacobs, Jansen, Jhan, Joio, Jong, Julien, Jumel, etc.

K >>>

Kahn, Kalinas, Kaun, Keller, Klonowski, Krall, etc.

L >>>

Labor, Lachner, Lake, Lama, Leaf, Lehuta, Lewis, Lima, Liszt, Lopez, Ludford, Lugli, Luz, etc.

M >>>

Mabalot, MacIntyre, Magnon, Magri, Mantini, Marzo, Mascagni, Meulemans, Millard, Monks, Monteverdi, Mozart, Mutter, Mycielski, etc.

N >>>

Nagel, Natalevicius, Netto, Norrvik, Nunn, Nystedt, etc.

O >>>

Oberhoffer, Oder Plat, Oquin, Otway, Ould, Oury, Ovsyannikov, etc.

P >>>

Pace, Palestrina, Palla, Parodi, Paulmichi, Peeters, Pekiel, Pelli, Pelo, Perosi, Piket, Pompei, Puccini, etc.

Q >>>

Quadflieg, Quaranta, Quick, etc.

R >>>

Rabe, Rachmaninov, Raff, Ramos, Reimann, Reinecke, Ribera, Rodriguez, Ross, Rossini, Rosso, Rummel, Ruy-Blas, etc.

S >>>

Saar, Saint-Saens, Schmittbauer, Schubert, Schumann, Sandstrom, Sor, Spinelli, Skipper, Stravinsky, Swepstone, Swertz, Szymko, etc.

T >>>

Tagliabue, Talbot, Ther, Tosti, Tromboncino, Twinning, Twyford, etc.

U >>>

Ueberlee, Uelpenich, Ugalde, Uruc, Usandizaga, Usobiaga, Uy, etc.

V >>>

Vaccai, Vann, Varnava, Vavilov, Ventura, Vermers, Vermulst, Visconti, Vogt, Vujic, etc.

W >>>

Wachner, Wackenheim, Wainwright, Walczynski, Wiltberger, Wolkenstein, Wrigley, Wyers, etc.

X >>>

Xie, etc.

Y >>>

Yakkey, Yamagishi, Yenn, Yoshida, Yufo, Yusupova, etc.

Z >>>

Zabala, Zajc, Zavrtal, Zelman, Zezinho, Zingarelli, Zorbas, Zugmeyer, Zwaard, etc.


Joseph Pothier, Roman Zajaczek, etc.


Eastern Europe, French, German, English, Dutch, Japan, The Philippines, Papua New Guinea, China, Spain, Scotland, Latin, Itay, Latvia, Basque, Byzantine, Czech, Polish, Georgia, Slowak, USA, Beuron, Styrian, Sardo, Portuguese, etc.


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AVE MARIA CONCERT FESTIVALS is a most unique concept, which can be staged in any country.

The cultural and music project was founded year 2011 in order to highlight the cultural heritage.

From the Italian Cathedral San Cataldo the music moves into the hearts of people all over the world, as over 4000 Ave Maria compositions composed since year 400 A.C. are found and becoming a part of the vast and inspirational music project.

Everyone can join as artists or as audience to the worlds most wonderful compositions by the finest composers of all times.

You are invited to assist us performing 4000 unique Ave Maria songs world wide. Create an Ave Maria Concert with minimum 7 Ave Maria compositions at your local church or stage for this next Christmas or Easter.

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Est. 2011

Concept, format, idea developed by composer N. Skipper